Michael Cerussi & Bethenny Frankel Had An ‘Up & Down’ Relationship

Michael Cerussi and Bethenny Frankel appeared to have a healthy relationship since they went public at the end of 2013. For months, they were seen vacationing together and spending time with Frankel’s daughter in New York City. However, according to an April 7 report by OK! Magazine, Michael Cerussi and Frankel‘s relationship was “very up-and-down.”

“She was vulnerable – and her friends think Michael took advantage. She was so lonely, she put up with a lot of things she should never have allowed.”

Michael Cerussi and Frankel began dating one year after Frankel’s marriage to Jason Hoppy came to an end.

For years after leaving The Real Housewives of New York City, Frankel starred in her own reality show with Hoppy. The series, titled Bethenny Getting Married, and later, Bethenny Ever After, ran for three season on Bravo before Frankel left the series, and announced the end of her marriage. While Frankel and Hoppy’s divorce is ongoing, the reality star has done her best to move on, but although she and Michael Cerussi appeared solid last year, they split a couple of months ago.

Among the issues Frankel reportedly let slide was Michael Cerussi’s allegedly bad temper. According to the magazine, Michael Cerussi reportedly threw a vase after Frankel told him she did not want him to spend any more time around her 4-year-old daughter with Hoppy, Bryn Casey.

The magazine source claimed Frankel broke up with Michael Cerussi after realizing “she couldn’t handle two ugly situations at the same time.”

On Twitter last week, after news of her split from Michael Cerussi was made public, Frankel claimed her ex-boyfriend was nothing short of amazing.

“Michael Cerussi is an amazing, kind man, son & friend. Negativity written about him was intentionally placed to hurt him and me.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Michael Cerussi and Frankel reportedly split because of their differing lifestyles. In a report by Us Weekly, a source claimed Michael Cerussi was a fan of nightlife, while Frankel’s focus was on family.

“They’re in different places in their lives and they were headed down different paths. They were cohabitating for a bit, but are not anymore. She’s been dating other people. She’d be happy in a committed relationship with someone new, but truly doesn’t want to get married again.”

For more Michael Cerussi, tune into The Real Housewives of New York City on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Although Cerussi is not a full-time cast member, he is expected to be seen on occasion.

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