Whitney Sudler-Smith Defends Humiliating Thomas Ravenel On ‘Southern Charm’

Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith decided that it would be fun to create a campaign video for his friend Thomas Ravenel. And while the favor appeared to be in good fun, Ravenel’s girlfriend Kathryn Calhoun didn’t appear too thrilled with the concept. In fact, she confronted both Thomas and Whitney about the decision to make such a video.

Calhoun tried to go below the belt, calling Whitney Sudler-Smith’s efforts low and pointing out that Thomas’ daughter Kensington would be embarrassed because of the video’s quality, message, and context. But Sudler-Smith had a comeback for that comment, and now he is opening up as to why things went down as they did.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith is making no apologies when it comes to his decision to create the controversial campaign video. But as Whitney explains, he only did what he thought would be best. And of course, Sudler-Smith did his research prior to creating the video.

“We were confronted with a dilemma: We had a reality star running for the Senate with a checkered past. How should one approach this? Having grown up in DC, and knowing a lot of people working in politics, I consulted a senator, a political fundraiser (who’s raised over a billion dollars for both parties), and numerous political pundits. The consensus was we had to embrace his past and create a media buzz,” Whitney Sudler-Smith explains of his decision to create the ad.

And it sounds like Whitney Sudler-Smith‘s campaign idea may have worked. Even though Thomas ended up going in a different direction, Whitney explains that Ravenel had later told him that he wished he would have stuck with Sudler-Smith’s idea. But Kathryn was furious.

“I was pissed about that commercial. Do not even try to condescend me. The ad is a joke. Even the people that have intelligence in the political arena, including me, because I worked in it, look at it and think immediately, ‘That’s a motherf–king joke.’ If my daughter ever saw that commercial that you filmed, she would be embarrassed for the rest of her life,” Kathryn revealed on Southern Charm, which had Whitney replying, “You don’t think she’d be embarrassed now?”

Even though Thomas didn’t exactly stick with Sudler-Smith’s campaign idea, he and Calhoun remain together. According to the Inquisitr, Ravenel shared pictures of his Easter weekend and Kathryn was a part of the celebrations.

What did you think of Whitney Sudler-Smith’s motives to help out?

[Image via Bravo]