They’re turning film classic Heathers into a musical

1989’s twisted black teen comedy Heathers is being turned into a musical.

The movie started Winona Ryder and Christian Slater as a murderous pair who slowly kill off the ruling clique at their high school.
According to THR, Andy Fickman, director of “Race to Witch Mountain,” is developing Heathers the musical, along with Kevin Murphy and composer Larry O’Keefe, who earned a Tony nomination for best score for the Broadway version of “Legally Blonde.”

Readings for Heathers the musical took place this week (sort of like an audition for musicals) with Kristen Bell playing the lead and Christian Campbell as J.D.

The musical is hoped to be ready for a regional production in 2010, followed by a Broadway run.

I must confess, this was one of my favorite movies as a teen, and although I haven’t seen it for years, I still remember it vividly. If you’ve never seen it before, here’s the original trailer: