Researchers To Seek FDA Testing Approval For Male Birth Control Pill

It’s still likely 10 years away from approval but researchers at the University of Kansas are confident enough in their male contraceptive pill that they plan to seek FDA approval in the near future so human testing trials can begin.

Researchers claims that the compound has proven to be safe in rats, mice, rabbits and monkeys. According to biologist Joseph Tash

“It’s 100% effective and 100% reversible.”

Tash and his team spent 10 years creating what they hope is the perfect adjustment to the chemical compound H2-gamendazole. That particular chemical stops sperm from growing in the testes.

The idea falls in line with other research projects that are attempting to create pills that block the protein receptors needed to make sperm, to stop sperm from reaching the egg and to affect hormones instead of targeting sperm. In another project researchers are hoping to zap a males testes with ultrasound to stop sperm production over the short term.

In testing the new product on rats researchers found “no change in their behavior” in terms of mating practices. Tash adds:

“And it’s 100 percent effective and 100 percent reversible.”

Human testing is already underway for male birth control that relies on hormones in the same way women contraception relies on changing hormones in women.

How long it will take to gain FDA approval for sale of the male birth control drug is not known since side effects could be discovered and because researchers may have to make changes to their compound as trial tests reveal any potential issues.

If the male birth control pill becomes a reality would you rather purchase a pill that affects hormones or a pill that stops sperm from becoming viable?