Allergic To Water: Teen Who Suffers From Extremely Rare Condition Can Barely Shower

Addam Corré

For allergy sufferers, life isn't simple, whether it's avoiding sunlight or steering clear from certain foods, the sometimes daily battle is a tough and challenging one.

However, life is more like hell for 17-year-old Alexandra Allen from Utah, who is actually allergic to water. Her condition, known as aquagenic urticaria, is so rare that there are only 35 known cases in the world.

That fact doesn't help poor Alexandra much as there is absolutely no known or even treatment for the rare condition.

Alexandra's water allergy is so bad that she has to shower quickly, in cold water, and can never even consider taking a long relaxing bath.

According to her, Alexandra said that she only discovered she had the allergy after soaking in a hot tub while on vacation, an activity which resulted in a serious rash, internal bleeding and painful joints.

Alexandra spoke to reporters about how she needs to avoid water as much as she can, "It's not worth it anymore. It's both emotionally strenuous and physically painful. I can't let myself go there," she said.

As well as being allergic to water, Alexandra is also allergic to her own sweat, which means she can only exercise when the weather is cold, in order to sweat as little as possible.

As Alexandra continued, "It feels like your skin has been sandpapered down until there's only one layer left and it itches, but you can't itch it or it will break and burn and bleed. You just feel like you've been dipped in a vat of acid, not for long, but for long enough to tear off a layer of skin," she shared.

Unfortunately, one of the only things known about the condition is that it gets worse with age, and can even result in a deadly anaphylactic shock.

Despite everything, Alexandra is determined to live with her condition, and make the best of it, "I think I'm lucky, compared to a lot of other diseases I could have had. At least this is tolerable and manageable."

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