Chris Brown’s Baby Daddy Drama — Royalty Caught Between Two Fathers?

It looks like Chris Brown is in the middle of some new drama after his paternity to 10-month-old daughter Royalty was made public. After a highly publicized breakup with Karrueche Tran, along with all the other madness surrounding the scandal, things have just reportedly gotten worse. Rickey reports that baby Royalty is caught in the middle between two dads — her famous R&B singer father and the man that erroneously thought he was her father from the beginning.

Before news broke that Chris was the father of baby Royalty, she had lived a normal life with a non-famous father. Or at least as normal of a life she could have. That man, called King Ba, believed that he was the father of Nia Amey’s child. He found out just how wrong he was when the rest of the world learned the truth. Even though he broke up with Amey during the height of the publicized controversy, they are reportedly back together. That in and of itself is fine, especially since Chris Brown is not interested in a relationship with the woman. However, King Ba wants to be the child’s father.

TMZ reports that King Ba shared a photo of he and Royalty on Instagram over the weekend. Apparently things were back to normal for his family, minus Chris Brown, on Easter Sunday. The photo he posted to Instagram also came with a message that may or may not irritate Brown, who’s been trying to be a dad all of a sudden.

“Been a Dad Still a Dad… Minus All the Nonsense That Been Going On We Still Kick It.”

King Ba may or may not be casting some shade in Brown’s direction. After all, he was referring to the fact that he’s been the child’s daddy all along, regardless of biological paternity. He was also asserting the fact that he and Nia were together for baby Royalty on Easter instead of her biological father, who is currently on tour in Africa.

Do you think King Ba was throwing shade at Chris Brown over the time he spends (and doesn’t spend) with baby Royalty? It’s easy to understand that emotions are raw in this situation with there being so many people involved. Many lives were changed with the revelation of Royalty’s paternity. The bombshell ruined Brown’s relationship with Karrueche Tran, and it not only ruined Nia Amey’s marriage, but it temporarily ruined the relationship she had with King Ba. It also caused some trouble between her and Brown, who was paying her hush money to keep Royalty secret until the rest of the world found out. No matter what gossip rags write about this drama, it’s gotta be tough for those closest to it.

[Photo: Instagram]