WWE News: Many In Live WWE RAW Crowd Left Before The Main Event Even Started?

As we saw last night, WWE RAW missed a little something. It was tough to really pinpoint, but it could be narrowed down to the fact that the show had few highlights…especially early on. Former WWE announcer Jim Ross claimed as much on Twitter, saying that if WWE didn’t do something quick, people would tune into the last college basketball game of the season.

Indeed WWE RAW competed against the NCAA College Basketball National Championship game. The game featured Duke and Wisconsin, two major D-1 schools. Duke alone is a ratings boost, which meant that seeing them there was going to be huge for the network. So WWE really had to do a lot to compete, but sadly did not.

However, it seems that they did hear the words of JR. Shortly after his twitter post, WWE gave us Seth Rollins/Neville. The match was very good and many believe it was a push of sorts for the young highflyer. Even though he lost, he took the WWE World Heavyweight Champion to the limit. That alone is a big deal that Neville can build off of. However, after this the only match of note was Miz vs Mizdow. WWE barely gave it time before they had to start the main event.

It was a triple threat between Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, and Ryback. This match didn’t seem appealing to many, because we all knew going in that Orton would most likely win. The winner of this match was going to be the #1 Contender for the WWE World Title and would face Rollins at Extreme Rules. WWE pretty much gave us Orton/Rollins already so it wouldn’t make sense to change it.

So the live Austin, Texas crowd was not into it. According to Daily Wrestling News, many in the crowd left before the main event took place. While Austin was not a very good crowd and panned even the Neville/Rollins match, many had to agree with some of their displeasure. However, it is interesting that people would walk out before the main event took place.

That shows WWE how boring the people found the show that they would leave the taping after paying for tickets to be there. Most would stick it out after paying to be there, as it would be like throwing money away to leave before the show ended. However, if they found it that boring that they would leave before it ended..that should send a message to the company.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]