Guild Wars 2 closed beta resumes in late March, ArenaNet says

ArenaNet probably expected a good amount of registrants when they briefly opened signups for the Guild Wars 2 beta over the weekend, but they probably didn’t expect to get as many signups as they did.

In the brief 48 hours that the Guild Wars 2 closed beta registration was open, ArenaNet managed to get over one million applications, most of which came before the 48 hour mark was even reached.

To further put that into perspective for you, ArenaNet released an update today in the form of a press release, saying that the rate of signups during “peak hours” was upwards of an astounding 4,000 per minute. Clearly, a lot of people really want to try Guild Wars 2.

And it looks they’ll be able to do just that very soon, provided they get accepted into the beta. In the press release, ArenaNet says that the next round of Guild Wars 2 closed beta testing is scheduled at some point in late March.

“We built Guild Wars 2 with the notion to bring players together to experience what a true online world experience should be, and we couldn’t be more excited with the reception we’re receiving from gamers wanting to get in and play our game,” said Mike O’Brien, president of ArenaNet and executive producer of Guild Wars 2.

“Guild Wars 2’s next closed beta test is scheduled for late-March and will provide players with an opportunity to experience its deep RPG game elements, epic World v. World battles and inviting social gameplay while helping the team load test the servers.”

Are you looking forward to trying out Guild Wars 2?