‘Star Wars: The Digital Collection’ Available April 10

Early in the second half of the National Championship Basketball Game, the rumored Star Wars: The Digital Collection was introduced to the world. On April 1, the Star Wars fansite Yakface ran a story claiming that a billboard at a local Walmart store advertised the Star Wars: The Digital Collection as coming soon. You can understand how hard it is to substantiate anything on April Fool’s Day.

All the rumors were laid to rest in a simple 30-second spot that ran during the first timeout of the Duke and Wisconsin game. The spot opens as Darth Vader’s helmet is locked into place at the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. It then shows various scenes from all six episodes. What will have most fans excited is the collection will be available with never-before-seen bonus footage on April 10.

This will be the first time that Star Wars will be available in the digital format. The Star Wars: The Digital Collection is coming to Apple iTunes, Xbox Video, Google Play, VUDU, Amazon, Verizon, and the Disney Anywhere App. To get an idea of what to expect from the collection, VUDU has posted the collection with a partial list of extras. The retail price, according to VUDU, is $89.99.

The Star Wars: The Digital Collection is just the latest announcement from Lucasfilm in what is quickly becoming the year of Star Wars. In January, Marvel Comics released the title comic book Star Wars. They followed it with Darth Vader in February and Princess Leia in March. The addition of Kanan the Last Padawan in April gives fans of the Force a new Star Wars comic every week. The digital version of the comic is available for free with the purchase of the print version.

Star Wars news didn’t stop there. In February, a new series of over 20 books were announced to lead up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens which will be released on December 18. The news continued into March with the title to the first stand alone film Rogue One and the release date of Episode VIII moved up to May of 2017.

Throw in Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim at the end of April, and Star Wars will reach every medium this year, books, comics, movies, conventions and digital. This leads to the question of are fans getting too much Star Wars? What do you say readers? Do you have Star Wars overload, or is the Star Wars: The Digital Collection just icing on the cake?