Anne Hathaway Spoofs Miley Cyrus In ‘Lip Sync Battle’ — Seriously Funny

Watch out! Anne Hathaway is coming in like a wrecking ball, and she’s had everybody at the edge of their seats with her impressive performance.

In a teaser released for Spike’s brand new Tonight Show spin-off, the Les Miserables actress took the audience by surprise when she flawlessly imitated Miley Cyrus. Her act was a big shift from her usual roles, but she successfully pulled it off and delivered a performance that will definitely be talked about.

In the short video, the actress entered the stage wearing a cropped white tank top and a pair of piped athletic pants. She had her hair slicked back to resemble Cyrus’ hairstyle, but the actress did not stop there. She went into detail by wearing bright red lipstick and having her nails polished white.

She opened her performance with over-the-top dance moves like jumping on stage. Later, Hathaway loses her baggy pants and reveals her high-waisted white briefs similar to Cyrus’ in her “Wrecking Ball” music video. At this moment, the audience was going crazy, and even Emily Blunt nods her head in the background. The show’s host, LL Cool J, seemed to be having fun too as he sang along with the song.

At this point of the show, the whole stage darkened and the spot light focused on Hathaway. As she sang the chorus for “Wrecking Ball,” the actress ran to the middle of the stage, and as the whole stage lit up, she mounted a wrecking ball. While riding on the prop, Hathaway leaned back facing Blunt, and with a teasing smile, gave her the finger. The British star, who was clearly enjoying her opponent’s performance, was shown laughing at this silly gesture. Hathaway sure knows how to put on a show.

Lip Sync Battle is the brain child of actors John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant. Krasinski first challenged Tonight Show’s Jimmy Fallon back when the host was still on Late Night. The competition then gained its popularity when the host battled against both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Merchant. The gag debuted on the Tonight Show with a lip sync battle featuring the host against Paul Rudd. Since then, the stint became so popular that it even attracted artists themselves.

Anne Hathaway and Emily Blunt will take the spotlight when their faceoff episode airs on Thursday, April 9 at 10 p.m.

[Image via YouTube]