St. Louis Teen Brutally Beaten By Police, Face Dragged On The Pavement For Talking In An Intersection

A St. Louis teen named Kenisha Gray was beaten and tased by police officers for having a conversation in the middle of an intersection.

According to the Free Thought Project, the 19-year-old was left with broken bones and several missing teeth after she fled from the officers. Gray was having a conversation with someone and holding up an intersection, which caused the St. Louis police officers to stop and approach her. Once the teen saw them coming, she ran away. The police managed to catch her and handcuff her, but Gray escaped from the back of the police car. At this point, the police claim they were forced to tase her to subdue her.

However, the injuries sustained by Kenisha Gray are much more severe than this incident would suggest. The St. Louis police officers claim the teen fell forward after escaping the car, but Gray's mother, Valerie Williams, claims the injuries on her face disprove this -- presumably because they were caused by police brutality.

"That's a lie," the mother said. "I don't see how she could hit face first, and she got all of this messed up on her face. I don't understand, if she hit face first, she wouldn't have had all this on her face. I can't believe this."

Gray's mother has spoken out against the St. Louis Police Department for lying about the beating of her daughter. She claims the police description of the events do not account for the severity of Kenisha's injuries, which left her needing multiple surgeries, according to local news site KMOV.

Williams believes what really happened at the intersection is the officers beat her daughter and dragged her face along the pavement to the car, which would better explain the serious damage to her face and teeth. In fact, the injuries are so bad that the teen is unable to speak. Surgeries will be required to fix several broken bones and all the missing teeth.

"She's got some teeth missing out of her mouth, her face is swollen up," Williams said.

The St. Louis teen is currently resting at her home, waiting for her bones and teeth to heal and hoping for a full recovery.

Currently, the St. Louis Police Department is refusing to comment on the incident.

Who do you believe? Do you think the police are lying about how they handled the teen's arrest? Or do you think Gray's mother is right about the problems in the account given by the St. Louis police?

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