Teens Play ‘Put ‘Em In A Coffin’ By Jumping Into Parked Cars In Downtown Kansas City, Receive Instant Karma

Video of the incident showed up on Reddit on Sunday, showing a group of teenagers walking down a sidewalk in what was identified as Kansas City. Several of the teens were running from car to car, performing a move known as “Put ’em in a coffin.”

For those unfamiliar, Know Your Meme breaks down the destructive and very illegal fad:

“Put ‘Em In a Coffin” is a Vine video fad in which the participant hurls oneself onto the flat surface of an object or fixture, most typically on a crowded table or hood of a car, while facing the opposite direction with both arms crossed.

The trend was born in late May 2014 when VonMar, a member of the rap group ThotBoyz, began uploading a series of Vine videos demonstrating the move. On June 11th, one of VonMar’s “put ’em in a coffin” videos went viral on Vine (shown below, accumulating more than 2.9 million views, 62,300 likes and 62,000 shares in the following six months. As of December 2014, this Vine clip remains the most popular instance of the series.

The Kansas City teens performed the move on at least three cars, but soon ran into trouble. The video shows the rowdiest teens running down the sidewalk toward a group cars but then quickly reversing direction and starting to run away.

A few seconds later viewers see just what scared the teens — a pair of police officers, who chased them around the corner and then slammed the pair to the ground.

The person recording the video — who may or may not have been part of the group — laughed as he watched police catch the teens who had been body slamming cars, but his humor didn’t last long. As he and the rest of the group walked away one of the officers pointed to him and shouted, “Hey, come here! You’re under arrest, get over here!”

“Me?” the camera man answered. “Ohh.”

It’s not clear if the camera man was involved in the vandalism, as he can be heard throughout the video calling the offending teens “idiots” and clearly wasn’t encouraging their behavior. It’s also likely that police just wanted to detain him so they could see footage of their other offenses.

Whatever happens, the teens likely learned an important lesson — if you’re going to play “Put ‘Em In A Coffin” and jump into parked cars in Kansas City, don’t document all of your crimes on video.

[Image via Patch.com]