‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Spoilers: Get Ready To Learn More Secrets Of The Dark One

Once Upon a Time will air an all-new episode on Sunday night, and now fans are receiving another glimpse of the episode. Spoiler TV has shared both a new sneak peek and a script tease for the next episode.

The clip is a flashback scene featuring Rumpelstiltskin and Robin Hood. The Dark One has come to Robin’s tavern to make a deal with him. Robin Hood turns the deal down completely at first, but he is about to lose his tavern. He listens to the offer. The Dark One wants Robin to travel to Oz to retrieve an item.

The Once Upon a Time clip ends before we learn Robin Hood’s answer, but other clips for the next episode have already revealed that Robin Hood will indeed travel to Oz and face Zelena.

As for the script tease, Adam Horowitz shared it on Friday. It takes a moment, but the context of the tease soon becomes clear. It is set in present day Storybrooke, and The Dark One is now forcing Regina to work with him.

Entertainment Weekly did shared some spoilers for Mr. Gold and this week’s episode, which is titled “The Heart of Gold.” The news outlet shared new comments from Edward Kitsis. He revealed that fans would learn Mr. Gold’s secret. He is hiding something. In fact, he has a number of secrets. Another one of those secrets has to do with Regina.

“We’ll also find out exactly what Rumple is lording over Regina that will made her obey—and it doesn’t have to do with Henry.’It’s something entirely different and yet familiar at the same time,’ Kitsis says.”

With Robin Hood playing a larger role during this episode and set photos featuring Robin Hood and Mr. Gold working together in a present day setting, it is likely that this something Gold is holding over Regina has to do with her love.

Robin Hood will return to Storybrooke before the end of the season. Spoilers from the filming from the Once Upon a Time Season 4 finale have already revealed that Robin will be by Regina’s side during the episode.

Will Mr. Gold have something to do with Robin Hood’s return to Storybrooke? It is likely. Fans will need to keep watching to find out. Once Upon a Time will air “The Heart of Gold” on Sunday night on ABC.

[Photo: ABC]