‘Leaked’ Halo 4 trailer with release date is a fake, Microsoft says

Earlier today, a new ‘leaked’ trailer for Halo 4 popped up on YouTube, and in it the release date for the highly anticipated follow-up to the Halo franchise was set for November 21, 2012. Unfortunately, it looks like the trailer, and the release date, was a fake.

The supposed Halo 4 ‘trailer’ was convincing enough. It was just a series of images completely unrelated to the Halo franchise, granted, but it wasn’t all that dissimilar to the Halo 4 trailer we saw back at E3.

Shortly after the video started being passed around on the internet, Game Informer’s Jim Reilly got in touch with Microsoft, who said that the video, convincing as it is, was a fake–and that no release date for Halo 4 has been announced just yet.

“This is actually a fake,” a Microsoft spokesperson told Game Informer. “We haven’t officially announced the release date yet but stay tuned.”

Microsoft and 343 Industries, the new developers behind the hit franchise, have been rather tight-lipped about the development of Halo 4 since its announcement. With E3 just a few months away, however, I’d be surprised if we didn’t hear of a release date then. At worst, we’ll probably actually get to see in-game footage for the first time.

If you’d still like to check out the fake Halo 4 trailer, you can do so directly below.

Are you excited to see what 343 Industries is able to do with Halo 4, or did your loyalty to the Halo franchise end when Bungie and Microsoft went their separate ways?