‘Super Mario Bros.’ Title Screen Lovingly Recreated Using The Unthinkable

Super Mario Bros. has a special place in a lot of gamers’ hearts. One particular gamer showed just how much he enjoyed the look and feel of Super Mario Bros. by painstakingly recreating the title screen from the game using 14,000 toothpicks, a lot of elbow grease, and a ton of love. While the project is truly impressive to look upon, perhaps the best news of all is that Nintendo can’t order this particular rendering of Super Mario taken off the internet for petty reasons.


Twitter user BitBlt Korry recreated the Super Mario Bros. title screen using toothpicks that he painted with the specific colors and designs that are well known by all Super Mario fans. As Kotaku pointed out, the artist even used toothpicks of different lengths in order to give the Super Mario Bros. title screen the kind of look you would expect to see from a 16-bit video game.

Super Mario 2

The Twitter user posted the finished look of the homage, but he also showed off the work that went into making the project, and it clearly was an act of love. There are also photos that give you an up-close look at the work, and you can see where the entire finished project actually gives off a kind of optical illusion. Look too close at the art and you can clearly see what is behind the design.

Super Mario 3

In the end, it is the detail work that went into putting this together that makes the project so impressive. It’s interesting that these homages are popping up in bunches these days. It doesn’t appear that they are part of any bigger demonstration but rather the fact that fans of the long-running series and the characters in that series are choosing to show their fandom all about the same time.

Perhaps the most interesting little factoid from this project is that it “only” took five days, according to the creator. There’s no word on whether or not this was a situation where they worked all day and through the night or whether they worked a couple of hours each day for five days. No matter what the scenario, the attention to detail and the scope of the project seems to hint that five days is rather quick work. Now the gaming community in general just needs to get this person more material so they can do something beyond Super Mario Bros.

[Images via BitBlt Korry]