AMD FX Quad-Core Processors Break 4GHz

AMD on Monday announced two new quad-core processors for it’s FX family that both offer top “max turbo” speeds of just over 4GHz.

The first new member of the bulldozer multi-core architecture for desktop computers is the AMD FX-4170 which was first announced in October 2011., a four core processor that offers 4.2GHz with a turbo speed of 4.3GHz. The processor also uses the AM3+ socket and takes advantage of 125W TDP, the first of such processors to do so from AMD’s hex core Bulldozer family. The processor also offers 4MB L2 Cache.

The AMD FX-6200 in the meantime comes in at 3.8GHz with a top speed of 4.1GHz. The FX-6200 also features the AM3+ socket with the power consumption standards while adding an addition 2MB of memory to the systems L2 Cache (6MB total).

AMD didn’t provide the Northbridge clockspeed, although it’s likely 2.2GHz based on TDP and clockspeeds.

At this time AMD has not disclosed pricing for either one of the two processors and it has promised to ship the products on a staggered schedule based on different geographical areas.

Will you be heading out to your local retails to purchase the AMD FX-4170 or the AMD FX-6200 when they release in your area? What price would you be willing to pay for the new quad-core processors with speeds over 4GHz?