Denise Richards Takes it One Step Further

Honestly, as if Denise Richards' kids weren't confused enough, now a "source" is saying that she's got an entirely creepier agenda than just hating on her ex-husband. Page Six's report claimed that she's milking her court time for all it's worth:

"She thinks a court battle would be good for ratings so she wants all overnight visits with the girls ceased, and monitored visits with her nanny. She invited the media circus to the hearing and even wanted reporters in the judge's chambers - which wasn't allowed. It's ridiculous."

Apparently Denise had a video presented in court of Sheen behaving "strangely" with daughters Sam and Lola, implying that he might have been molesting them. The combination of Denise's allegations + previously quoted source = absolutely frightening possibilities.

Sheen is (unsurprisingly) suing for defamation and trying to get full custody of the kids.