Jeremy Lin: New York Knicks Have The Talent To Win NBA Title

Could this be the year of the Knicks? Rising star Jeremy Lin thinks so. Lin said that winning an NBA title this year would be difficult but that the New York Knicks have the talent to do it.

The Knicks are 17-18 for the season, but with Jeremy Lin in the game they are 9-3. Lin said:

“Everyone’s goal is to win a championship. It’s a very tough thing to do. I think we have the talent to do it. I know we have the talent to do it.”

The Knicks could easily make the playoffs but at the moment they aren’t favored to go too far. The Knicks are currently in second place behind the Philadelphia 76ersin the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division. They are 7th overall in the Eastern conference.

The Knicks could be a surprising playoff power, however. Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin didn’t exactly play well together during Melo’s first game back, but if they can find a groove they’ll be tough to beat.

Anthony said:

“We haven’t had any time to put those details down pat. Every week, somebody’s hurt, bringing guys in, bringing guys back. These next two weeks are very important to get our chemistry down pat and talk about it. Put everything out on the table. Now is really the time to put it all on the table.’’

Lin added:

“This is a long process. I need to make sure I’m not getting complacent and that our team continues to climb. And we want to be able to get into the top half of the East and make a push in the playoffs.”

Jeremy Lin and the New York Knicks will start their push for the playoffs on Wednesday when they face the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Do you think the New York Knicks will be playoff contenders? Could they upset the Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls in the East?