Kelly Osbourne Quits ‘Fashion Police’ As #GrannyHair Trends: Will The Former Host Change Her Contractually Obligated Lavender Hair Color?

Kelly Osbourne quit her hosting gig for Fashion Police after Giuliana Rancic made some racist comments about Zendaya Coleman’s appearance. Now fans are wondering if the former host will change her contractually obligated lavender hair. It seems like the light purple/silver gray hair color isn’t going out style of yet, as the hashtag #GrannyHair has been trending on social media, according to the Star.

This hair color trend was reportedly started by Kelly Osbourne for her lavender hair color. Meanwhile, Rihanna and Lady Gaga have been seen sporting a gray hair color over the years. Actresses like Judi Dench and Jamie Lee Curtis have been known for never coloring their gray hair. This trend has been coming out in full force on both Instagram and Twitter, with both young and old women embracing silver gray or light purple hair.



It’s possible for women to achieve Kelly’s look on their own, although it does require a lot of bleaching. It’s not required that all women should dye their hair silver gray or light purple at home. CTV News suggests that women should see a professional stylist to help achieve that light purple or silver fox look. There are also some products that can help keep your hair vibrant like the “L’Oréal Professionnel Serie Expert Silver Shampoo for Grey or White Hair” or the “popular Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Conditioner” that will keep your hair just as vibrant as Kelly’s has been. Provoke Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo will also give your hair a similar effect, and the brand offers a version for silver/gray hair shades.

Does that mean Kelly Osbourne is sticking with the #GrannyHair trend? The former Fashion Police host was contractually obligated to keep her lavender locks since April of 2013. Reports said that Osbourne could not change her hair color since she was a mainstay on the popular fashion show and comedy. It’s become a part of Osbourne’s quirky and fun look.


Despite quitting the show, Kelly has been seen rocking the look in a fun mohawk style. There have been mixed reviews on Kelly’s purple hair. Some are waiting for her to change her color while others are wanting her to stick with the #GrannyHair trend. Kelly did share a photo of herself in a brunette wig on Instagram. Some fans mentioned that she looks better with the hair color, while others thought Kelly looked too much like her famous dad, Ozzy Osbourne.

What are your thoughts on Kelly Osbourne’s purple hair color? Do you think she should change her look, or do you think should she stick with the #GrannyHair trend?

[Image: Kelly Osbourne via Instagram]