Pakistani Man Killed 10: Marriage Delay To Cousin The Reason Why Gul Ahmed Said Shot His Fiancee

Reports are saying a Pakistani man killed 10 people over a marriage proposal denial by his fiancee. Gul Ahmed Said is accused of storming his uncle’s house and killing everyone while they lay sleeping with an AK-47 assault rifle. The man is said to be on the run from authorities almost half a year after his first murders were committed.

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Five months ago, it is believed the Pakistani man killed his parents and two brothers after he was told he’d have to wait to marry his cousin until a spare room could be built for the soon-to-be married couple. The reason they wanted to delay the ceremony was because the family was having trouble raising the money necessary to build the spare room. It’s also been reported that Said’s father turned down a dowry settlement.

“There was a dispute over a marriage proposal,” Shafiullah Khan, senior superintendent of police of Charsadda, told the New York Times. “Mr. Said could not wait and opened fire on his family, killing his parents and two brothers.”

The 25-year-old Pakistani man apparently targeted his uncle’s family when further wedding delays were suggested.

“The uncle was being very indecisive about the wedding which infuriated Gul Ahmad,” police officer Mohammad Jamil told Reuters.

Altogether, authorities believe the Pakistani man killed 10 people over the marriage delay. Police say Gul Ahmed Said killed his uncle, aunt, four male cousins, and four female cousins this past Sunday in the Charsadda District of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province. The Pakistani man quietly entered his uncle’s home at around 3:30 a.m. and shot all of the victims in the face and head, including two children. In addition, it is believed one of the female victims was the man’s former fiancee.

It is possible Gul Ahmed Said may have accomplices in the killings. Police believe the Pakistani man may have fled to the Pashtun tribal area along the Afghan border.

“We cannot follow anyone there since it is beyond our jurisdiction, and our security would be threatened,” Jamil explained.

Police have attempted to raid suspected hideouts while looking for Said, and they are also adding additional security in a neighboring area.

Even though it sounds rare to hear that a Pakistani man killed 10 people, marriage proposal rejections periodically lead to violence in Pakistan. According to the Pakistani rights group Aurat Foundation, so-called “honor killings” cause about 1,000 Pakistani women to die every year.

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