Elderly Man Brawls With Teen Girls On Brooklyn Bus [Video]

A group of teenage girls got into a brawl with a 65-year-old man on a Metropolitan Transit Authority bus in New York City.

The approximately minute-and-a-half melee reportedly on an MTA bus in Brooklyn according to MediaTakeOut was, of course, caught on cellphone video. See footage below (NSFW because of language).

The older man in the video, who was sitting down, appears to be bickering with one of the teens. During the exchange, he at one point apparently can be heard saying “you keep talking, and I’m talking about action.”

It’s unclear who or what prompted the situation to get physical, but a demonstration of the senior’s backpack skills became part of the fight.

“The man eventually stands up and hits the girl with a backpack, prompting a group of at least four girls to jump up and start hitting him as other bus riders flee the area,” the New York Daily News reported.

He also grabbed one of the teens by the hair as she attempted to leave the bus. As you can see below, things became chaotic very fast, and one of the girls allegedly began shouting, “Gimme that knife! Gimme that knife!”

One or two male passengers intervened and cooled things down, fortunately.

“No knife was seen in the clip. No injuries have been reported,” Pix11 noted.

As of today, the NYPD has no formal complaint about the throwdown on file but has launched an investigation into the bus brawl incident.

The borough of Brooklyn was also the location of a full-on brawl last month among teen girls at McDonald’s that made national headlines.

Public transportation seems to be either getting more dangerous across the country or maybe it’s just about the instant accessibility of video of brawls. Last month, for example, a female Ohio state trooper was attacked by a female bus passenger she was trying to arrest, and it got very ugly and possibly life-threatening. Fortunately, the driver and another person helped the officer subdue the suspect before backup arrived.

A few days ago, a male teen knocked out cold a 60-year-old man with whom he had been arguing on a Philadelphia SEPTA train. The older man suffered a broken jaw in the altercation. In another recent violent incident on public transportation, a man riding on a St. Louis mass transit light rail train was on the receiving end of a barrage of punches after allegedly being asked by another passenger what he thought about the Michael Brown shooting in nearby Ferguson. Police have arrested two suspects, ages 21 and 15, in the assault.

[Image credit: AEMoreira042281]