Some tips on saving nearly $5,000 without even trying [Infographic]

While it would be nice to even have any money to think about saving there is no doubt that we all make silly spending choices, whether it being an app buying crazed person or having to have the latest fashions that really don’t suit you anyway.

When it comes to saving money it isn’t always about the big things in our lives but about the small things that we don’t even think twice about as we zip our credit cards through the cash register instead if paying cash and dealing with as well as a hundred other little things at the end of the month when the credit card bill comes in – you know, the one charging a ridiculous percentage and fees.

To help point out some of the smaller things to keep in mind when it comes to saving money the folks at CouponCabin put together this infographic for you to help figure out some of the areas were you can save some money and not have you collapse onto the ground whimpering.

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