Tom Cruise Connor Game: Actor Bonds With Son Connor Cruise In Florida, Slammed For Neglecting Suri?

Tom Cruise and his son, Connor Cruise, caught an NCAA Women’s game in Florida over the weekend. According to Mail Online, the actor and his 20-year-old son had some bonding time while watching the Connecticut vs. Maryland in Tampa, Florida.

Connor has almost always been close to his dad, but has had a somewhat estranged relationship with his mom, Nicole Kidman — which he has previously denied.

“In 2007, Nicole said her adopted children had even stopped calling her ‘Mum’, sparking rumors their relationship was strained. Those rumors were fueled further three years later, when she spoke publicly about the children – who are both committed Scientologists along with their father – choosing to live with Cruise.”

Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise’s game day seemed super fun, but some people couldn’t help but wonder just how much time has been dedicating to his other children. He and Nicole have a daughter, Isabella (who supposedly works as a hairdresser in London), and he and ex, Katie Holmes, have a daughter, Suri, 8, together.

Cruise hasn’t been seen with either of his daughters recently, and a new report claims that he hasn’t seen his youngest in several months. According to Perez Hilton, Tom’s work scheduled coupled with his strained relationship with Katie Holmes is to blame for his lack of presence in Suri’s life. Despite these setbacks, many feel as though Cruise should be making more of an effort to see his daughter.

There have been several reports about Tom’s dedication to Scientology that causes Holmes to keep her daughter away from her dad. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there have also been rumors that Scientology is to blame for Nicole Kidman’s lack of relationship with her two kids (Connor and Isabella). Sources say that the kids were “brainwashed to go against” their mom.

Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise’s game day reignited rumors about Tom’s relationship with his other children. Although fans were happy to see the two guys having a boy’s day out, many still wish that Tom had a better relationship with his girls, especially with Suri, who was once very close to her dad.

[Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images]