Las Vegas Man Gets Banned For Life From Casino Buffet, Commits Suicide

A Las Vegas man who won free buffet meals for life at an area casino, only to have his free buffets revoked after harassing casino employees, committed suicide Sunday in front of shocked buffet patrons and employees, the Las Vegas Review Journal is reporting.

At about 4:50 p.m. on Sunday, a patron at the M Resort Spa and Casino in Henderson, Nevada (just outside Las Vegas), put a gun to his head and fired it in front of stunned patrons and employees. Buffet employee Lee Aadahl described what happened to KSNV (Las Vegas).

“I was in the kitchen, and I heard screaming, and they all started running customers and employees alike, so I just started running through the kitchen and just trying to find a door because we were on the second floor and we are looking for a stairway.”

Two people in the crowd suffered minor injuries in the ensuing panic.

The shooter was later identified by the Las Vegas Review-Journal as 53-year-old John Noble.

Noble won free meals for life at the Studio B Buffet in 2010. Around that time, he began showering female employees with unwanted gifts and attention. The casino stopped tolerating his behavior March, 2013 and banned him from the property. On Easter Sunday of that year, he threatened suicide and was hospitalized for three days in a state psychiatric hospital.

Noble then began a campaign of harassment against the casino and its employees, including posting their photos, names, and home addresses on social media. In a Facebook post dated shortly before his suicide, Noble posted photographs of at least one casino employee holding her baby, along with a rambling message that included the home addresses of several employees. One photo appears to show a casino employee at her home; another shows a woman (presumed to be a casino employee) holding a baby.

Post made on John Noble's Facebook page hours before his death.

“All of the hateful people at the M Resort are pathetic, It is sad that this is what our society has become. I’ve been destroyed because I told the truth, I never thought any type of backlash would be so brutal to destroy me in this way. I’m a genuine person proved by my inability to properly deal with everything that happened.”

Noble also kept extensive records of his complaints against the casino and its employees in a box he delivered to the Journal hours before he would commit suicide. The box included 270 pages of documents, as well as a table of contents and a DVD.

The next-to-last page of Noble’s notes was entitled “The Curse,” and explains in detail the harm the buffet patron wanted casino employees to suffer for banning him from the buffet.

[Images courtesy of: Sutterstock/Natalia Bratslavsky, Facebook]