Kylie Jenner Instagram Photoshoot: From Blackface To Bikini Photos, What Are These Photo Shoots For?

Kylie Jenner has been sharing a lot of controversial photo shoots on Instagram lately. The 17-year-old got ripped on social media after sharing a blackface photo of herself that was styled by photographer Marcelo Cantu, according to Teen Vogue. The photo showed Kylie wearing fuchsia hair, light blue eyes, and dark metallic bronzer. Worse enough, the teen captioned the photo: “What I wish I looked like all the time, thank you.”

The teen magazine noted that the combination of Jenner’s caption and photo angered many followers on social media. Some accused the youngest Jenner of wearing blackface in the photo. This term refers to makeup that people wore to portray black people in minstrel shows in the United States and other countries. Jenner immediately deleted the photo after receiving the backlash, but reposted a similar photo with a new caption: “This is black light and neon lights people let’s all calm down.”

Kylie also addressed the blackface controversy in a series of tweets, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.


This isn’t the only photo shoot that’s been receiving controversy on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram account. The youngest Jenner also posed in sexy workout gear and bondage-style swimwear, as also noted by the Inquisitr. Some of the photos were shot with a black-and-white filter. Jenner never addressed what the photo shoot was for. She never even mentioned if the photos would appear in an upcoming publication. All she did was thank Rebook for her new Zpump shoes, and went on to thank Neave Borzogi for shooting the photos, Joyce Bonelli for creating her makeup look, Monica Rose for creating her sexy styles, and Chris Dylan for styling her hair.


The photos have yet to appear in a magazine, making some fans wonder if the youngest Jenner is only having photo shoots for Instagram. Maybe Instagram photo shoots is all that the young teen can get these days. Radar Online previously reported that Anna Wintour rejected Kylie Jenner’s plea to appear in a Vogue magazine spread. The editor-in-chief doesn’t think she’s on the “same level as Kendall.”

However, there are some reports saying that Kylie Jenner doesn’t want to be like her older sister, Kendall. Although she’s envious of her sister’s career, she wants to go in a different direction. Kylie doesn’t think that high-fashion modeling suits her and her personality. But she did walk in Kanye West’s show at the New York Fashion Week. That caused new reports to surface that the younger Jenner is jealous of Kendall’s success. Maybe Jenner changed her mind and wants to get into modeling after all.

Kylie Jenner has been featured on the covers of magazines like Cosmopolitan and Fault. The Inquisitr previously reported that she was also featured on the cover of Remix magazine. Inside the magazine, Kylie talked about her personal style and her signature pout.


There’s no doubt that Kylie’s photo shoots have created their share of headlines and controversy. What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s controversial photo shoots? Do you think they’ll end up in actual publications, or do you think they’re solely for Instagram?

[Images: Kylie Jenner via Instagram]