Caminito Del Rey: World’s Most Dangerous Walkway Re-Opens 15 Years After Fatal Accident

Nearly 15 years after it was closed after several fatal accidents, Caminito del Rey, a stunning cliff-side walkway located in Spain, has been re-opened to tourists, reports NY Daily News. Caminito del Rey was known as the world’s most dangerous walkway while it was in use well over a decade ago. Fifteen years later, things are no different. Even with the new safety features, the walkway still remains a dangerous place to be in and is strictly meant for people who are adventure crazy.

It was re-opened on March 29, 2015, according to ABC News. However it is only now that first pictures from the site have emerged. One look at them and there would be no doubt in your mind as to why the Caminito del Rey is termed the world’s most dangerous walkway.

According to reports, the newly re-opened path includes two miles of thin boardwalks that are suspended in the air 300 feet over the Guadalhorce River gorge. However, authorities who have rebuilt the walkway add that adequate safety measures are in place and that the walkway is no longer dangerous.

Caminito del Ray reopens after 15 years

While it is now a tourist attraction, when built, the Caminito del Ray had a much more utilitarian use. Construction of the walkway began way back in 1901 and was finished in 1905. It was built as a pathway for workers who were employed at two hydroelectric power plants that were operational in the area. The Caminito del Ray was the only option the workers had to travel from one plant to another. It was also used to transport materials. At its widest, the Caminito del Ray is just one meter (three feet) wide — not very confidence inspiring — especially if you are afraid of heights.

While the plants have long gone, the Caminito del Ray remained a tourist attraction and was frequented by visitors. However, officials were forced to close the walkway entirely in 2000 after four people fell to their deaths from the walkway in the span of a few months. Years later, authorities embarked on a major renovation project at the end of which several dangerous areas of the walkway were made safer. The renovation cost the authorities well over $6 million.

If you plan to visit Caminito del Ray someday, do note that as of now, only 600 people are allowed to take the walkway each day. You would also need to don helmets and other safety equipment before you wish to head here.

By the way, how does the Caminito del Ray compare to the world’s most dangerous road the Inquisitr had reported about last year?

[Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images]