Chelsea Bruck Update: Clothing Found In Search For Missing Michigan Woman

The search for Chelsea Bruck is continuing after clothing was reportedly found that matches what she may have been last seen wearing. CBS News reports that authorities have focused their search on a field in the Flat Rock area, but they still insist there is no evidence to indicate that she met foul play. Nonetheless, she’s been missing since October of 2014 — nearly six months, to be exact.

When Chelsea was last seen, she was attending a Halloween party in the Frenchtown Township neighborhood of Newport. She was roughly dressed as the Batman character Poison Ivy, with a pair of black yoga leggings, a top adorned with ivy leaves, and a long dark purple wig. According to CBS Detroit, at least one article of clothing has been located that matches the description of what she was wearing the night she vanished. The garment(s) have been sent for DNA testing to either confirm a connection to the missing woman or to rule one out.

Even though it’s been half a year since she was last seen and her clothing possibly found in a field, her loved ones are still holding on to hope that she may come home alive. Her sister, Cassandra, spoke with reporters about the latest discovery in her case and how authorities are handling the investigation.

“They are asking that everyone stay away and let them do their job. We are just going about our day and obviously we have our phones on – waiting for any news and you kind of learn over five months that you can’t just sit and wait – whatever we had planned – keep going.”

Over the course of Chelsea Bruck’s disappearance, there have been no arrests, but there is at least one person of interest. In particular, one person of interest is a mystery man who only exists (so far) as a sketch, who a witness says Chelsea was with before she mysteriously disappeared. The person of interest is described as a young male of medium build with a hipster haircut and black-framed eyeglasses. He was reportedly wearing a dark, hooded sweatshirt.

Other witnesses have said that she was talking to a group of men before she vanished. However, it’s possible that she was seen with the person of interest in the sketch after she was seen talking to the group of young men. A witness told authorities that she was walking with the man near a lot full of parked cars.

[Photo: Monroe County Sheriff’s Office via NBC News]