Kelly Osbourne Ignites Feud: Is Giuliana Rancic Lying About Fashion Police Scandal?

Kelly Osbourne recently quit her job with Fashion Police after her co-host Giuliana Rancic made a comment that quickly went viral. During a red carpet event, Giuliana made the comment that Zendaya probably smelled like weed as she walked down the red carpet with dreadlocks. Rancic was shocked at the responses to her comment, and she was forced to make a public apology.

But the comment also had consequences on the set. Kelly Osbourne decided to quit and she left the panel. Just days later, Kathy Griffin decided to follow suit, both stating that they didn’t want to be associated with people who would make such comments. The story has taken a turn, as Rancic recently spoke out about how it all went down.

According to a new Perez Hilton report, Kelly Osbourne sent out an interesting comment this morning on Twitter. It is uncertain whether the comment is indeed in response to Rancic’s recent media story, but several reports believe that Osbourne is letting the world know that Giuliana may be a liar.

“Liars ALWAYS get caught!” Kelly Osbourne tweeted out this morning, and within five minutes of the tweet going out, Giuliana Rancic retweeted, “When someone shows you their true colors, believe them.”

Kelly Obourne could be calling Giuliana a liar based on some recent comments. Last week, Rancic did an interview where she claimed that the joke was written for her, that she had made comments behind the scenes where no one took offense, and that the joke on-air was taken out of context. In other words, she blamed editing for looking bad.

But it sounds like Kelly doesn’t see it that way. If Osbourne isn’t talking about Rancic, then the timing is incredible considering Giuliana’s retweet. However, if Kelly is addressing her former co-star’s story about the editing, then she is brave to speak out and let the world know what really happened. At the moment, viewers are only getting one side of the story, as Rancic is the only one who has explained everything in detail.

And it sounds like she wants people to know how horrible life has been since the fiasco went viral. According to the Inquisitr, Giuliana has received death threats. But she isn’t getting any support from Kelly Osbourne. It is uncertain whether these two have talked since Osbourne left the show, but it is very possible that they haven’t since Kelly didn’t want to be associated with her former co-host.

How did you read Kelly Osbourne’s tweet?

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