Kris Jenner Responds To Kylie Jenner Blackface Controversy: Mama Jenner Reposts Photo, Adds Hashtag #Metallic

Mama Kris Jenner has responded to the Kylie Jenner blackface controversy that has been lighting up social media all weekend long. The “momager” and matriarch addressed the controversy by reposting Kylie’s infamous photo that started the blackface allegations. She also included the hashtag “metallic,” according to Rickey.

Jenner made headlines for posting a photo on Instagram that showed her sporting a new look, as previously noted by the Inquisitr. The 17-year-old looked noticeably darker through the use of metallic bronzer, black lighting and Photoshop. Some of Jenner’s fans accused her of using blackface in the photo shoot.


The photo of Kylie showed her wearing dark metallic makeup, dark purple hair, and light blue contacts. Some would say that she looks like a black person with white features. Meanwhile, others argued that she looked more like an alien rather than a person of color. Even celebrities like Karreuche Tran and Zendaya Coleman weighed in on the Kylie Jenner blackface controversy. According to Venture Capital Post, the blackface controversy “ruined” Kylie’s Easter weekend.

Kris Jenner didn’t want the blackface controversy to go away, as noted by the news source. She took to Instagram to post the infamous photo and show some love for her youngest daughter. Jenner captioned the photo: “WOW!! You are stunning @KylieJenner! Photography by @MarceloCantuPhoto make-up by @JoyceBonelli hair by @ChrisDylanHair…#obsessedwithyou #thatsmygirl #proudmama #metallic.”

The 59-year-old thought it was wise enough to address the blackface controversy by telling fans that Kylie looks “metallic,” not blackface. It was probably her way of trying to put an end to the debate, as noted by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

Some of the fans agreed with mama Jenner. Some of them believed that the youngest Jenner looked metallic and silvery in the photos. Fans also believed that she looked great in her new photo shoot.

“She’s beautiful! People get a f***ing life. Everything nowadays is racist. SMH.”

“@KrisJenner huge fan of the metallic makeup! Looks really good [on Kylie]!”

There were some fans that weren’t backing down though. Some thought that Kylie looked “ridiculous” in the photo shoot. They didn’t seem to like her new “metallic” look.

“And airbrushed to the point it doesn’t even look like her anymore!! Lol”

“This is scary!”

Kris Jenner wasn’t the only one to weigh in on the blackface controversy. Kylie herself also addressed the controversy over the weekend. She took to Twitter to address the thousands of comments and accusations she received on the social networking site.

“This is a black light and neon lights people let’s all calm down.”

Maybe Kylie Jenner was paying tribute to Demi Lovato in her “Neon Lights” music video? What are your thoughts on the blackface controversy? Do you think Kylie looks “metallic” or like a person of color?

[Image: Kris Jenner via Instagram]