Drug Bust Dog: What This Canine Did When Its Owner Was Busted Will Make You Melt

This drug bust dog did the most incredible thing when his owner was being arrested. After everybody else in the room was ordered by Brazilian police to lie down, the dog did the same right next to his owner.

Normally, you would expect a guard dog to bark like crazy and try to be threatening when the police barge in on his owner. Local police in the Vargem Grande neighborhood might have simply shot the poor pooch in that case, say commentators.

The Brazilian police and military had barged in on a residence for a drug bust, even with a dog of their own. The southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina played host to a mass arrest as police ordered everybody to lie down. The drug dealer’s dog saw everybody else surrendering, lying on their bellies, and instead of facing off with the authorities, it went over to its owner and lay down with its belly up and head to the side.

Police spokesman Filippo Valdez described the situation, which led to the arrest of the drug bust dog and its owners.

“The officers had been observing the gang for some time and when they arrested them they recovered a substantial quantity of marijuana and cocaine, as well as weighing scales, guns and ammunition.

“There was a male dog that was barking when officers burst onto the scene but when it saw its owners obeying the command to lie down, it ran over and laid down as well.”

Barnie Rico, a dog trainer, explained why the clever canine did what he did.

“By exposing its soft underbelly to any potential attacker it is showing that it doesn’t mean any trouble. The dog is also turning its head away as looking at the potential enemy can also be seen as a sign of aggression to another dog. It is clearly a very clever animal because it saw the rest of its pack give in, and decided to copy them.”

Though the drug bust dog had surrendered alongside his owner, there were no charges against the pooch and he was free to go.

[Image via New York Post / Europics]