Fake Apple iStove Products Confiscated In China

A Chinese company with a deep seeded respect for the Apple iPhone product line was caught this week trying to sell the iStove, an Apple branded product that the company hoped to sell to unsuspecting buyers.

Chinese company’s attempting to sell counterfeit Apple products is nothing new, however this is the first time that portable gas stoves with the Apple logo engraved on them have been found in public.

The company’s actions may not have been discovered had Chinese police in Wuhan not confiscated one of the units after they were deemed unsafe for sale.

According to Chinese tech websiteM.I.C. Gadget:

Police found 681 stoves sporting Apple’s logo and brand in two warehouses. The stoves had the half eaten apple graphic and “iphone” printed in white on a green background just below the burner. Also, the fake Apple stove was labeled an “Apple China Limited.”

In 2011 25 fake Chinese Apple stores were shut down after selling devices that were nearly identical to the iPhone and iPad. It wasn’t until an American living in China blogged about the stores that Apple took action and had the stores shut down.

The team at Mashable managed to find a video showcasing the look of the iStove. What amazes us most is the fact that the stoves looking nothing like the sleek devices put out by Apple yet people were willing to buy them at face value.

Would you be willing to buy the “iStove” if for no other reason than to own one of the most strange Apple counterfeit products we’ve found to date?