Michael Jackson Releases One Of Three Freddie Mercury Songs In Mid-April: Special Edition

Michael Jackson fans that are looking for new Michael Jackson memorabilia may have struck gold this week. The collaboration duets with Freddie Mercury that were released last year now have a giftable option.

Sadly, Michael Jackson fans have been enduring the challenges associated with further allegations of sex abuse stemming from Australia. It is alleged that Michael Jackson paid off accusers as much as $200 million dollars in total. However, since Michael Jackson was acquitted of all sex abuse charges in 2005 and died in 2009, these claims will likely not see their day in court.

In the meantime, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is still on sale for $75 million while the story about the almost-collaboration between Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury is popping back up in the news because the 2014 duets are getting a special edition.

Chicago Now blogger, Adam Franklin, writes, “… The Jacksons they did a song with Mick Jagger for the Victory Tour. This song, ‘State of Shock,’ was originally supposed to feature Freddie Mercury and [for] Thriller…. eventually the Jackson’s did this song with Jagger instead of Mercury.”

Michael Jackson trivia fans might need reminding that the songs with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson were released in 2014. Time Magazine did an article about the Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury songs and stated the following.

“The songs were recorded at Jackson’s home studio in Encino, California, in 1983… The three tracks that the duo wrote and demoed were meant to be included on a full album of duets between the King of Pop and the Queen frontman. Unfortunately, the album was never finished due to the constraints of the two pop megastars schedules.”

Regardless, this story about Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson turned out to be much stranger than that. Time Magazine goes on to say, “Plus… Michael Jackson insisted on bringing a llama into the recording studio.”

Time Magazine goes on to reference the Hollywood Reporter, “[Michael Jackson] objected to Mercury taking too much cocaine in his living room.”

Adding to the three recordings that Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury did in 1983, former Queen band members went into the studio in 2013 to complete the songs. The titles of those three songs at that time were “State Of Shock,” “Victory,” and “There Must Be More To Life Than This.”

On the finished album, the track “There Must Be More To Life Than This” was the only one of the three songs used. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson’s estate was very difficult to work with and so the other two tracks were left out.

According to the Standard U.K., “Queen drummer Roger Taylor believes a highly anticipated duet by Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson will be released later this year — but said obtaining permission from Jacko’s estate had been like ‘wading through glue.'”

The Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury songs were due to be released with Queen’s album Forever in 2013. That date was later pushed back to November 10, 2014. Now, the Queen website states that the tracks with Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury will be released in a special edition format on April 13, 2015. This is especially helpful news for anyone looking for a Michael Jackson-related Mother’s Day gift.

Also, what about a petition to get the other two songs by Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury released? Or is it some sort of deal where we get the rights to the unreleased Michael Jackson songs for free only if we buy the Neverland Ranch?

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