Jealous Siri? Siri Snaps At User For Calling Cortana Instead

A jealous Siri? Say it isn’t so!

The text of an alleged conversation between an Apple mobile device user and Siri went viral on Reddit shortly after being posted on Monday.

According to the text, the user mistakenly asked “Cortana” for assistance with finding movie showtimes instead of Siri. Even though Siri could have brushed it off, Apple’s popular mobile personal assistance software basically snapped at the user for saying another name.

“Who’s Cortana?… Who is Cortana?… Maybe you should ask Cortana for the movie times.”

Jealous Siri

The text from the conversation with a jealous Siri was posted on Reddit Monday by user Mike Pants.

Who is Cortana?

Cortana is basically Microsoft’s competitive response to Apple’s Siri. The intelligence personal assistant was initially made available by Microsoft in April of last year.

According to USA Today, the software was named after the artificial intelligence character from the popular Microsoft video game franchise Halo.

Multiple reports confirm that the same voice actress used by Microsoft for the video game (Jen Taylor) is also the voice of the personal assistant Cortana in the United States.

Cortana is reportedly powered by Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, and replaces the previous search function that was integrated into the Windows Phone.

It can be used as a “virtual notebook” that allows users to save their interests, calendar events, frequently visited places, relationships with other people and so much more.

Therefore, it could easily be viewed as an offensive insult to mistakenly call Siri the name of one of its rivals (if Siri and Cortana were real people).

Perhaps that is why the conversation text of jealous Siri was able to reach viral status so quickly. Now that the news of jealous Siri has hit the web, quite a few people have already experimented with their own Apple devices just to see what happens when asking for Cortana instead.

What do you think about how jealous Siri apparently becomes when being called Cortana?

[Image Credit: Techno Buffalo]