Claudia Jordan Calls Out Foul Comments: ‘New Laws Need To Be Passed’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan may still be the new housewife to the show as she is wrapping up her first season, but she is learning that the wives on the show isn’t the only thing she has to deal with. Jordan is a very active person on social media, and she responds to comments and messages from fans. But because Claudia is so active on social media, many people will write harsh and mean things to her. Sadly, that is part of the package when you share your personal life on television.

But it sounds like Claudia Jordan has had enough of the drama. It isn’t the first time that Claudia has called out people for being mean to her on Twitter, but this morning, Jordan revealed that she had seen enough. Claudia is now calling for a change in laws to deal with people who simply just cross the line with their comments.

According to a new set of tweets, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan is now revealing that she would like to see the laws change in regards to online bullying, as she has seen some foul comments on the internet lately. As Claudia herself reveals, none of the comments are necessarily directed at her.

“Wow…. some grimy a** people out here in these internet streets. #NoBoundaries #NoChill #NoClass,” Claudia Jordan tweeted this morning.

“It’s just amazing how folks try to hurt each other outta spite using the net. Some new laws need to be passed cause folks doing the most! And NO nothing happened TO me today. But I’m seeing some foul things being done to others and it’s so not cool! People gotta move on in life. Be kind, be cool, do what you think’s the right thing, don’t be spiteful and keep your Karma good. I swear I try this and I’m being rewarded.”

Even though Claudia claims that the comments she was referring to had nothing to do with her, she was the subject of several opinions just last week. On The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Claudia Jordan decided to sit down and talk to Phaedra Parks about her marital issues. During this talk, Jordan revealed that she herself had gone through a divorce. Porsha Williams has later revealed that she didn’t think it was Jordan’s place to get so personal with Parks.

And according to the Inquisitr, fans were not pleased with Jordan either. Maybe there is a sense of loyalty to Phaedra because she has been on the show for much longer than Claudia. Fans were not pleased with her actions, and expressed their opinions on Twitter.

What do you think of Claudia Jordan’s request? Do you think her request to change the law is fair or do you think she is being sensitive?

[Image via Bravo]