Kristen Doute Didn’t See Family On Holiday: Supports James Kennedy Instead?

Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute may have been fired from SUR on the previous season of the show, but she isn’t necessarily done with wildly successful Bravo show. Clearly, Doute knows what it takes to get good ratings, even though some viewers are tired of her constant attempts to prove that Tom Sandoval cheated on her. She seems to forget that she herself cheated on him twice. Many have called Kristen mentally ill, simply due to her dedication to prove that Tom is a bad guy.

But Kristen Doute claims she is over her ex-boyfriend and over everything that happened on Vanderpump Rules last season. Even though her boyfriend James Kennedy may not have felt like a million bucks throughout the season, they are still going strong. And instead of visiting her family over Easter weekend, Kristen stayed in Los Angeles and joined James on a photo shoot.

According to a new tweet, Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute revealed that she was missing her family like crazy over the weekend and shared an Easter egg that her sister had made for her.

But instead of going home to be with her family, Kristen decided to join Kennedy on a photo shoot.

It is definitely interesting that she didn’t go home to her family. According to the Inquisitr, Kristen Doute recently lost her grandfather, so it is surprising that she isn’t home with her family. Less than a month ago, Doute revealed on Twitter that she had lost her grandfather, who was someone important in her life.

“My grandpa dude passed at 5:55 and my flight is 5 hours 55 minutes #angels #repeatingnumbers,” Kristen Doute tweeted a few months back, adding later, “I’ve been seeing 555 everywhere, dude. I know you’re here…”

As for Kristen Doute herself, it appears that she is gaining her confidence back. She recently told US Weekly that she was living by herself after her breakup with Tom Sandoval. Even though she has been dating James for a while, Doute wasn’t ready to make any big decisions and move in with him. Instead, Kristen wants to enjoy her liberating lifestyle and live alone for a bit.

“He stays over a lot,” Kristen revealed about James, adding, “but I’m not ready to live with anyone. I think it’s important for me to really work on me. It’s proven to be healthy for our relationship.”

Are you surprised Kristen Doute chose to support James Kennedy at a photo shoot instead of heading home for Easter?

[Image via Bravo]