Gun Fires Mass: Man Gets Up From Kneeling, Gun Goes Off In His Pants

A gun fires during Mass in Pennsylvania leaving one person injured. According to Fox News, the accident happened during an Easter Vigil Mass at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Altoon. Officers say that the gun went off when a men stood up from kneeling. The man did have a license, and was carrying the weapon legally, but the gun’s safety was not on. The man was grazed by the bullet which was lodged into the tile floor. The man’s injuries are not believed to be serious. Police are still investigating the case.

As of now, no charges have been filed, but police say that they could file charges pending the investigation. According to the Canada Journal, the incident happened about 15 minutes before the end of Mass, and no one else was injured.

The gun that fired during Mass was quickly hidden after the incident. According to CBS News, the man took the discharged gun, and gave it to another person who hid it inside a Mass program. It sounds like the man may have been embarrassed by the gun, or perhaps he was hoping that he could just walk out of church without anyone knowing that he brought a gun inside with him. Of course that would only work if no one heard the gunshot.

Several churchgoers were concerned that someone brought a loaded gun to church — one that wasn’t safely secure.

“You have to consider that Easter vigil there’s a lot of families there with little kids and anything could have happened,” said Parishioner Sue Talasky.

The gun that fired during Mass wasn’t the only Easter church mishap. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a roof collapse at a New Jersey church sent over one dozen people to the hospital. Several people ended up trapped inside that church after the roof started making cracking noises, and fell on top of them.

“A 30-foot section of the roof fell in the collapse. It sent plaster falling down onto the church-goers below. Those directly below the collapse were trapped, which resulted in a rescue effort. The report indicates that 14 people were sent to the hospital, one with serious injuries.”

The fire department wasn’t sure what caused the roof to collapse, but there is an investigation pending. For now, the church has been taped off while the clean-up and rebuilding process takes place. Everyone is thankful that no one was killed. Those who were inside at the time of the roof collapse are extremely lucky.

[Photo courtesy of Andrew Bossi/Wikimedia Commons]