Amber Portwood Wants Full Custody Of Daughter Leah, Is A ‘Teen Mom’ Custody Battle Looming?

Amber Portwood is ready to file for full custody of her daughter, Leah Shirley. In a sneak peek at tonight’s episode of Teen Mom OG, via an April 5 report by Us Weekly, Amber Portwood is seen discussing her custody arrangement with Gary Shirley during a conversation with Dr, Drew Pinsky.

During their chat, Amber Portwood nods when Dr. Drew asks her if “full custody” is what she wants, which could mean a Teen Mom custody battle is in the near-future.

“Since she started school, it’s been weird because he’s been weird. He won’t let me have her on weekdays she’s in school. Something’s going to happen because I will be getting her.”

As fans will recall, Amber Portwood signed over her rights to Leah before she entered into what was supposed to be a five-year prison term in June of 2012. At the time, Portwood’s decision was based on the idea that she would remain behind bars for an extended period of time, and Shirley would need to make decisions without getting her approval.

Then, in November of 2013, Amber Portwood was released from prison, and began spending time getting re-acquainted with Leah. Since then, Portwood and Leah have spent tons of time together, but according to Portwood, she would like more rights to her daughter in the future.

“This just started, because I wasn’t going to be doing anything about the custody. I think maybe communication first and then after that we’ll see what happens, and if he doesn’t want to budge, I’ve just got to do what I’ve got to do.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Amber Portwood recently admitted to wanting to get back with Shirley after she was released from prison. Prior to entering the Indiana prison, Portwood hoped her family, including Shirley and Leah, would be waiting for her when she was released. When they weren’t, Portwood did what she could to move on.

Last month, Amber Portwood explained the following to TV Guide.

“I wanted my family back together. When I realized Gary was with Christina, I realized that we didn’t have anything anymore and I was trying to make something out of nothing.”

As fans have seen on Teen Mom OG, Shirley is currently dating a woman named Christina, and the pair are expecting their first child together any day now.

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