‘Trees For Cars’ App Creator Leo Grand Still Homeless, But Optimistic

The Trees for Cars app inventor is still homeless. Leo Grand hasn’t given up hope though, because he believes he’s still better off than he was before someone made him an offer.

In August 2013, programmer Patrick McConlogue offered Grand two choices. He could receive $100 right there, or opt for lessons in coding for two months. The homeless man took the lessons, feeling he could do more with that.

Grand did indeed get further with the coding lessons than he would have with the money up front. He hit the books and just a few months later, he created a mildly successful app called Trees for Cars.

This app helped buyers with their carpooling needs and Strong has claimed he made almost $15,000 from the Trees for Cars app. It was 99 cents to download and sold rather well, but Leo Grand is still living in the streets. He even stopped paying for server space to host the application, so it isn’t available anymore.

Grand is still keeping his hopes high though, even a year and a half after claiming he could work for such companies as Google and SpaceX. He and his partner have been seen on TV, and he’s hoping to make a comeback.

People who have seen Grand on TV often ask him what happened, and the homeless coder simply tells them he prefers to live outdoors. Despite not coding any more and spending his time walking around the park, he believes his big break is still coming after having given up on the Trees for Cars app.

“I know it sounds like there’s no way in hell, but it’s very possible. People have seen me on TV, so they know I’m capable of something rather great. They say, ‘He’s pretty bright and he can accomplish pretty much, but we seem him out here.’ I’ve learned this: When people are negative, you have to keep your head in the clouds. You just have to somehow stay focused on the things that matter to you.”

Leo Grand isn’t the only homeless man who did something surprisingly positive with a surprise gift. A few months ago, YouTuber Josh Paler Lin gave one $100 just to see how he would spend it. To most people’s surprise, the man spent it on food and basic necessities for others who share his struggle. The video host was so touched by the homeless man’s generosity that he gave the man another $100, though some claim the video was faked.

Grand believes that after he comes up with a more lucrative app, he’ll move to a luxury apartment. He claims he doesn’t have time to code any more because of “[things] going on. You have to do this, you have to do that.”

Do you think Trees for Cars app creator Leo Grand will make a comeback and move off the streets?

[Image via RD Massimillian]