Leah Messer Gets Extensions, Unfollows Husband Jeremy Calvert On Twitter?

Leah Messer’s long hair is back. On the Teen Mom 2 star’s anniversary weekend, Messer shared a new photo of a recent makeover and posted several mysterious tweets online.

On April 4, Leah Messer spoke of moving on, despite it being her and husband Jeremy Calvert’s anniversary.

“I accept pain and sadness because it is okay to feel those emotions. I accept them by speaking it and releasing it. Then, I may move on..”

As the day continued, so did Leah Messer’s tweets.

“Let me be myself, let me be me.”

Leah Messer went on to share a series of tweets with fans, one of which spoke of setting limits to the “takers” in her life. The following day, April 5, Messer confirmed to fans that she was spending the Easter holiday with her three daughters, Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn, and failed to mention her husband at all. She did, however, re-tweet a message from a fan, in which they were wished a Happy Anniversary.

“Happy anniversary @TM2LeahDawn @Calvert505 no marriage is perfect or easy but that’s what makes it real!”

Talk about sending mixed signals! On one hand, Leah Messer’s marriage appears to be over, but on the other, she seems determined to make it work. In addition to Messer’s vague tweets, Starcasm recently reported she and Calvert have unfollowed one another on Twitter, which doesn’t seem like something that would happen if everything was peachy-keen between them.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Leah Messer added to speculation regarding a possible divorce on Twitter last week when she spoke of someone’s hurtful comments and planned a trip for her and a female friend. Although she didn’t reveal who it was that hurt her, Messer shared her thoughts with her many Twitter fans.

“Sometimes I don’t kno how some people can even be considerd human beings with the words they say, and the hurt they cause. #ItsAMystery2Me.”

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have been married for three years. The couple met while filming Teen Mom 2, shortly after Messer’s split from Corey Simms. After revealing she had cheated on Simms, Messer divorced and moved on with Calvert. Within months, the couple was expecting their first child, but sadly, Messer’s first pregnancy with Calvert resulted in a miscarriage. One year later, Messer and Calvert’s first child, Adalynn Faith Calvert, was born.

Leah Messer returns to MTV later this year for Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

[Photo via Twitter]