‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jake And Hayden Situation Sparks Suspicion And Guilt

What can fans expect to see go down on General Hospital during the week of April 6? Ric and Hayden may run into a wrinkle in their plan, as Nikolas learns about her existence. Expect to see plenty developing with the Jake storyline, and there is plenty ahead with other Port Charles residents as well. What General Hospital spoilers are available for the upcoming week?

The “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page shares quite a bit of scoop regarding the next few episodes. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Nikolas will learn that Hayden is claiming to be Jake’s wife and since he knows Jake is really Jason Morgan, he clearly knows something is up. He’ll apparently start digging into things to try to find out what she’s really up to and who she’s coordinating with on this scam.

In addition, Ric will get a proposition, and She Knows Soaps teases that it’s a pretty random and apparently unexpected one. Viewers can expect to see some juicy moments between Liz and Ric this week, as she wants answers and he may be tempted to tell the truth. However, GH fans know better than to expect him to come clean at this point.

This week, Spencer will be nursing some hurt feelings thanks to Emma, while Kiki and Morgan move forward on their plan. However, Michael is not happy with them and he makes his feelings known. Jake and Sam continue to connect, something that leaves Patrick feeling unsettled.

Also ahead, General Hospital spoilers indicate that there will be a twist in Avery’s custody situation, while people are increasingly worried about Michael. Ned faces a challenging decision, and it seems he’ll have to face learning about how Olivia is being blackmailed.

GH fans finally learned the truth about what had happened with Luke, and there are further developments this week. He has someone pushing for him to pay for what he’s done, and he appeals to someone for help or forgiveness, it seems.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that this is a jam-packed week of action, with Nina looking for things from both Franco and Silas, Nathan and Spinelli both struggling with the Maxie situation and Ava pushing Silas to keep his promises.

The week of April 6 is shaping up to be full of twists and turns for GH fans and they can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Just how much longer will it take for everybody to learn that Billy Miller’s Jake is really Jason Morgan? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what happens next in Port Charles.

[Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images]