Farrah Abraham Talks Jesus Pickup Lines For Easter: Where’s Her Man?

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham may not be well-liked by her co-stars, who were shocked to learn that Farrah had dabbled in adult entertainment. Even though Abraham claimed that she was dating the porn star in the videos, it was later revealed that she had accepted millions of dollars for the videos. And this didn’t sit well with the other Teen Mom stars who were trying to raise their own children and protect them from the spotlight.

But it sounds like Farrah Abraham has slowed down a bit. For a period of time, Farrah was all about promoting her movies and her sex-toy line, which has done surprisingly well. But after she started filming Teen Mom again, Abraham has been keeping a low profile. This weekend, Farrah celebrated Easter with her daughter Sophia and her father.

According to a new tweet, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham posted a picture of herself with her daughter Sophia and her father. Clearly, Farrah is still on good terms of Michael, since they are celebrating Easter together. But her new boyfriend, Simon Saran, was missing from the pictures. Maybe he was at home with his own family.

But it is interesting that Farrah Abraham was talking about Jesus pick-up lines in her tweet, where she shared the pictures. Who does she need to pick up at church? Just a few days ago, Farrah was spotted kissing her boyfriend on the street, as the two were hanging out. Clearly, love is in the air for these two.

There has been speculation that Simon was dating someone else prior to meeting Farrah, but not much is known about him. It is very possible that he won’t be a part of this season of Teen Mom, as the girls have been filming for quite some time. Even though Farrah Abraham entered the picture late, it is very possible that he won’t be in any scenes. Farrah announced that they were together just before Christmas.

Farrah Abraham has been accused of faking relationships for the press, as she was rumored to be dating a DJ last year. He later revealed that Farrah had paid him to pose as her boyfriend. In addition, the Inquisitr recently reported that Farrah posted for a picture with her co-stars just minutes before calling them untrustworthy on camera. Some speculate that the show could be scripted.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s Easter tweet about Jesus pick-up lines?

[Image via Twitter]