Housewife Teresa Giudice Targeted By Fellow Inmate In Prison, Female Prisoner Took ‘Illicit Photos’ [Report]

Housewife Teresa Giudice was reportedly targeted by another inmate in prison. According to a new report, a prison official confiscated a cell phone, which contained illicit photos of the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, after a fellow inmate took the pictues in an attempt at making some quick cash.

On April 3, a source revealed information to Radar Online in regard to housewife Teresa Giudice’s cell phone pictures.

Authorities at the Federal Corrections Institute in Danbury, Connecticut, “recently confiscated the cellphone of a female inmate. She had smuggled it in. She had candid photos of [housewife Teresa Giudice] all around the prison. Doing yoga, exercising and more. The woman was trying to get the photos out to sell them.”

Luckily for housewife Teresa Giudice, the prison official was able to gain possession of the cell phone before the unnamed inmate was able to make a deal with press — and not just that. The woman was punished for her wrongdoings and moved out of the prison.

“That inmate has been disciplined and moved to another prison.”

As the Inquisitr reportedly last week, the first photos of housewife Teresa Giudice were recently published in Us Weekly magazine, but according to a source, the reality star wasn’t on board with the photos being made public. In an interview with Radar Online, a source claimed housewife Teresa Giudice was unhappy with her looks, and didn’t want her fans to see her sub-par appearance behind bars.

Since housewife Teresa Giudice turned herself into prison on January 5, 2015, she has been receiving regular weekend visits from her husband, Joe, and their four daughters.

On April 6, following news of the near-leak of more photos of housewife Teresa Giudice, her husband was accused of making outrageous claims in court. According to the Radar Online report, Joe’s license was recently suspended, but the reality star wasn’t clear on the rules of the suspension, and asked the judge if he could move his vehicles around in the driveway. He was then called “destitute” by his attorney, and later, a “real man.”

In addition to Joe’s driver’s license suspension, he was dealt a $10,000 fine, as well as 18 months behind bars. However, Joe’s latest prison sentence will run concurrent with his federal 41-month sentence, which means he won’t actually do any addition time.

Housewife Teresa Giudice will be released from prison sometime early next year. At that time, Joe will begin his sentence.

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