Giuliana Rancic Talks Jekyll and Hyde Ex, ‘Fashion Police’ And Teeny, Tiny Frame

What’s the best venue for taking pot shots at your ex? Why, a new book, of course. That’s what and Giuliana Rancic is doing. She has revealed to a curious public that former beau Jerry O’Connell was an unfaithful Jekyll and Hyde.

Rancic reveals her sordid tale of infidelity in her upcoming book Going off Script, which she also promoted on The Today Show Monday. O’Connell doesn’t come off too well in the account, in which Giuliana says she was being “two-timed for one of the lesser Spices,” according to Page Six.

That lesser spice is Ginger, as in Geri Halliwell, who O’Connell evidently had a fling with while still dating Rancic. And he wasn’t too sorry about it either; Giuliana recounts how her wayward lover reacted when he was caught in the act.

“‘Yeah, I know. I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.’ He had as much emotion as the customer-service representative who tells you your bags missed the flight.”

And Giuliana forgave him. That was until 2004. Evidently, you can’t cheat on Rancic twice…

According to Giuliana, O’Connell moseyed away like a distracted toddler at a party and was eventually found in the company of Rebecca Romijn – “as a prelude to feeling (her) up,” Rancic writes. O’Connell’s behavior following this second dalliance was evidently just as casual.

He simply stopped returning Giuliana Rancic’s calls and finally ended the relationship with a touching “things change, but you take care, OK?”

In 2007, her ex married Romijn and Rancic married her husband Bill, added E! Online. Which makes things even.

Also on Monday, Rancic hinted that a return to E!’s Fashion Police – following a scandal in which she was accused of making rather racist and ill-advised remarks – may not be in the cards. When posed the question by Today Show host Samantha Guthrie, Rancic cryptically answered “we’ll see,” the Associated Press reported.

She also revealed the truth behind those unfortunate remarks. Though she didn’t excuse herself, Rancic said her comments were edited and taken out of context, added US Magazine.

“I made a reference to the hippie culture… and in the editing process, some of the gestures I made, some of the things I said were taken out for time. So I made peace signs, I said bohemian twice. Those were taken out for time, so when the joke aired, some people were offended by it. I thought the joke was not edited in the proper way. That’s just something I have to live with. It’s very important for me to get out there and tell the real story.”

Rancic also took the opportunity to clear the air about her weight – and her critics should start feeling pretty guilty. Giuliana’s tiny frame isn’t the product of an eating disorder, as believed, but cancer medication.

And the transformation wasn’t exactly easy for Rancic.

“I was scared. I didn’t think this was great. I thought, ‘What the heck is happening to my body?’…It’s very scary to have cancer, be on medication, then you start losing weight. I thought, ‘Oh my God, is my cancer back?’

[Photo Courtesy Caroline McCredie/Getty Images]