Train Kills Husband, Wife: Couple On Tracks Hit By Oncoming Amtrak Train, Die

A train kills a husband and a wife who were on the tracks in North Carolina on Sunday. According to the New York Daily News, 38-year-old Derek Lowe and 33-year-old Tina Lowe were hit by the oncoming train which was headed from Charlotte to New York City. There were 166 passengers on board at the time of the accident, but no one on the train was injured. The passengers were delayed nearly three hours, but made it to New York City that night.

According to WRAL, it appeared as though one of the adults had been sitting on the tracks as the oncoming train approached. The other adult was reportedly trying to pull the other to safety, but the train hit them both, killing them on impact.

The train kills a husband and wife story has since gone viral. Sources close to the couple say that they recently fell on hard times. Based on this information, it sounds like one of the two had been trying to end his or her life. Sitting on train tracks if one isn’t stuck suggests that this could have been intentional.

“They came here one night and got dropped off a few days ago, about five, six days ago. They didn’t have anywhere to go. I let them stay the night,” said Derek Lowe’s ex, Penny Cobb. “Derek was such a good man. He really was down deep. He was just so lost. I almost wished I would’ve kept them here instead of letting them leave the other day because maybe I could’ve done something different,” she added.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a meeting with a stranger last week revealed that the Lowe’s may have been homeless. The man said that the couple would often ask for help, and that he believes that they had been living in a makeshift home near the train tracks where they were killed.

“The last encounter I had with the man and woman was they had a grocery cart and they had a few items in it. They asked me would I use my truck to go over there because crossing the railroad tracks was so bad, and so hard with the cart,” explained James Thompson, who met the couple while he was collecting scrap metal in the area.

[Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images]