Sweden’s Royal Family Releases Pictures of Princess Estelle [Photos]

The Swedish Royal Court has officially shown the country and the world what the future monarch of Sweden looks like. Now everyone can get together to welcome Baby Princess Estelle.

The royal court posted the pictures of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel’s daughter Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary on the web yesterday and the pictures )shown below) were carried world wide by the Associated Press.

the photos show Princess Estelle taking a leisurely nap while wearing a white cardigan at the royal palace called, Haga Palace.

The princess was born in Stockholm on Thursday. As Victoria’s first-born child, she is second in line to the Swedish throne.

Sweden‘s is one of those countries that still has an established monarchy. The Monarch’s role is completely ceremonial by law. The Monarch represents Sweden as Head of State but only at ceremonial events.

How interested are you in pictures of Princess Estelle, Crown Princess of Sweden?

Image released by the Swedish Royal Palace Monday Feb 27 2012 of Princess Estelle of Sweden, on Monday, taken at her home in Haga Palace outside Stockholm. Princess Estelle is wearing a cardigan knitted by the Crown Princess Victoria’s grandmother Alice. She was born the previous Thursday and is now second in line to the throne of the Scandinavian country. (AP Photo/Royal Household)

Sweden Royal Princess Estelle