Joaquin Phoenix gets into a fight at his own show (video)

The Joaquin Phoenix train wreck, or is that fake train wreck rolled into Miami Wednesday night with a new twist: Joaquin got into a fight at his own show.

The incident started with a man in the crowd yelling abuse at Joaquin. One thing Joaquin isn’t short on is hearing, and he responded, announcing “We have a f%&^ng bitch in the audience.” And he continued: “I’ve got $1million in the bank. What have you got bitch?”

But that wasn’t enough, because then Joaquin launched himself into the crowd, fists flying, before he was dragged away by security.

As always, brother-in-law Casey Affleck was there filming the whole thing.

If it’s an act, it’s a good one. Here’s the Joaquin Phoenix fight video.