Is This Cat Going Up Or Down These Stairs? Photos Answer Look To The Steps, But ‘Nowhere’ May Be Correct

“Is this cat going up or down these stairs?” asks the new viral Facebook photo. The answer to the question is being debated all over the internet, but some say the steps make it obvious while others say “nowhere” may be the correct answer.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, a photo of a giant cat terrorizing a house was not photoshopped at all according to the creator, so how did they manage to film Catzilla going on a rampage?

When you consider the photo of the cat going up or down those stairs, some say the answer is obviously down. If you look at the stairs you will the the lip of each step and the pebble texturing on the front of each step. Those who support the up answer note that some stairs do indeed have a lip going both up and down. In response, some say the flashing on the brick pattern proves the answer is down.

If that does not settle the issue, then some say the shadowing on the stair lips prove an overhead light is shining down. Members of team up respond that a light set against the wall could just as easily shine that light upward.

The argument even extends to biology and cat behavior. Some keen-eyed observers note the cat is using its tail for balance by lifting it, which supposedly is only necessary if the cat is going down the stairs.

Some confuse the matter by declaring, “Bazinga!” and then claim it is the same as Schrodinger’s cat, so it’s actually going both up and down at the same time. Since we’re now diving into the realm of science, some take the question very literally and say the cat is going nowhere.

“It’s not going anywhere. It’s a picture; a split second in time. Hence, it is stationary. It’s just science. Any object of mass not in motion, lacking kinetic energy and inertia, cannot physically ‘go’ anywhere; therefore, it is not going up or down.”

That’s not exactly the answer anyone wants to hear, so the argument returned to the building materials of the stairs.

“But if we’re going to step outside of the laws of physics for fun, the cat would be going up. You can see the anchor footers on the left side, immediately adjacent to the nose tread of each step which are put in place to prevent the staircase from sagging or pulling away from the next level above over time as the building settles and gravity exerts its force. If the cat were to be heading downward, said footers should be perpendicular to their current, respective locations.”

What do you think: is the cat going up or down these stairs?