Kelly Clarkson Gets An Apology From Chris Wallace For His Body-Shaming Comments

Jennifer Ricketts

Singer Kelly Clarkson recently spoke on Ellen about the criticism she's received concerning her weight over the years. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kelly said the comments that have been made lately are nothing new. Now Clarkson has received an apology after the mean-spirited comments Fox News anchor Chris Wallace made about her weight on the Mike Gallagher Show on Friday, April 3.

Gallagher and Wallace began joking about Gallagher's weight. Gallagher said, "Listen, don't fat shame me. You do a lot of fat shaming. That's the new phrase now, 'fat shaming.' Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up."

Wallace at first seemed to try to sidetrack the subject of Clarkson's weight.

"Really? Do we want to talk about some of your friends?" However, Wallace then later said, "Kelly Clarkson's got a lovely voice. She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while."

Chris Wallace issued a public apology to Clarkson in a statement and told People her weight should not have been the focus of discussion.

"I sincerely apologize to Kelly Clarkson for my offensive comment. I admire her remarkable talent and that should have been the focus of any discussion about her."

Gallagher has also apologized for his comments. The radio host wrote a post titled "Regarding my comments over Kelly Clarkson during my radio show Friday."

"Tubby Mike is the last person in the world who should bring up anyone's weight. I couldn't possibly feel any worse than I do for making an observation that led to the conclusion that I 'fat-shamed' this talented and classy entertainer. It was a really stupid thing for me to do."

Friday on Ellen, Kelly talked about the criticism she's faced over her weight over the years.

"I think what hurts my feelings for people is that I'll have a meet-and-greet after the show and a girl who's like bigger than me will be in the meet-and-greet and be like, 'Wow, if they think you're big I must be so fat to them.' And it's like, you're just who you are."

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]