Natasha Koroleva: Russian Pop Star’s Private Adult Video Leaked — Singer Blames Anti-Putin Agents

Natasha Koroleva is one of Russia’s biggest pop stars. Now she’s suing to make sure she doesn’t become one of Russia’s biggest adult video stars. The 41-year-old singer says that someone hacked into her computer and stole an intimate video she shot with her husband, and is trying to use it to ruin her career.

But that’s not all. Given the level of political intrigue in Russia and the country’s tense relations with its neighbors, particularly Ukraine where Russia is currently waging a brutal proxy war against that country’s government, suspects there may be more to the theft of her private video than just a malicious prank, or someone trying to make a ruble off the public’s unquenchable desire to see celebrities naked.

The border war between Ukraine government forces and Russia backed separatist rebels has claimed more than 6,000 lives and about 14,000 wounded since it began one year ago. Now the conflict may have claimed the reputation of a pop star as well.

According to a report in Britain’s Daily Mirror, Koroleva is filing legal action against the online magazine which somehow obtained the explicit adult video and posted the footage as well as graphic still images from the clip on its site.

Calling the unwanted publicity “a gross breach of my privacy,” Koroleva not only wants the site to take down the explicit images, but pay her monetary compensation as well.

Interest in the images among the public is even higher than it might be under the circumstances, because the video reportedly shows Korleva engaging in intimate acts with her husband, a former male stripper named Sergey Glushko, but who at one time went by the stage name “Tarzan” and looked like this…

Here, however, is a more recent Facebook photo of the celebrity couple…

Koroleva has been named an “Honored Artist Of The People” by the Russian government, but now that her private video — reportedly depicting Koroleva engaged in a variety of acts both with Glushko and with a sexual toy — has been made public, at least one Russian politician says she should be stripped of her title by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“An Honored Artist has the right to have a drink or take a walk with friends, but to record a video — no!” claimed Russian Member of Parliament Vitaliy Milonov. “Anyone who works with children, should be an example for them. And the fact that the artist allows herself to do the things on these videos that everyone can see on the Internet is ugly and immoral.”

Be warned: The above link contains Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images from the video.

“I have nothing to be ashamed of,” Koroleva has protested. “This should be a criminal case. When someone is violating my rights in such a way, I go to court.”

Though born in Ukraine, Natasha Koroleva lives in Russian and backs Putin’s government there, which has led her to believe that the alleged theft of her private adult video was a political dirty trick carried out by Ukraine government agents.