From Game Jam To Game Release: ‘Titan Souls’ Is Now Taking Pre-Orders

Devolver Digital and indie game developer Acid Nerve are opening pre-orders for the game jam project turned full-fledged game release, Titan Souls. Pre-purchasing the digital download on Steam, GOG or Humble before the April 14 launch date gives players a 10 percent discount off the purchase price.

The Ludum Dare 28 game jam brought game makers Mark Foster, David Fenn and Andrew Gleeson together (they now make up the Acid Nerve team) and it was through the theme of the jam “you only get one” that the trio created Titan Souls. The game jam original prototype piqued the interest of gamers with the premise of equipping the player with only a single arrow and one hit point of life. The player was charged with defeating Titans, who also had only a single hit point and only one way they could be taken down. Figuring out each Titan’s Achilles heel, successfully re-using that one arrow and avoiding attacks because one hit was all it took to take the player out provided a surprisingly engaging gameplay experience.

To pay homage to Titan Souls’ roots, the newly released free game demo is a scene-for-scene remake of the original game jam prototype. Composer David Fenn explains in a recent press release the reasoning behind remaking the original prototype into a game demo.

Titan Souls wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for the original Ludum Dare game jam, which saw your hero take down three titans with a single arrow, and gave birth to the core concept behind the entire game… Now that the development is complete, we thought it’d be fun to celebrate our journey by remaking this original sample of Titan Souls, replacing the bosses with their full-game counterparts that each of these initial ideas evolved into, and enhancing it with the new engine, graphics and audio.

Players wanting a little more behind-the-scenes goodness can pre-order the Titan Souls Digital Special Edition that includes a complete digital soundtrack, digital art book and world map, plus high-res desktop backgrounds. The regular edition is listed as $14.99 on Steam, while the collector’s edition is listed as $19.99 before the 10 percent discount, which applies to both versions. Getting the soundtrack and other digital goodies for about $5 more is not a bad deal at all for collectors and enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the game’s launch.

As can be seen in the demo, the newly developed title boats a refreshed art style, gameplay improvements, audio enhancements and an all-new soundtrack. Titan Souls is playable on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita beginning April 14.